PKF Fellows


The PKF Fellows program provides opportunities for college students to get practical work experience in their field of study. We match fellows with our ongoing projects in Pittsburgh and Haiti, so fellowship opportunities grow and change as different projects are completed. For more information about our current projects, please view our work in Pittsburgh and Haiti.

View past and current fellows below, and read about their projects.


Ben Schweiger - Haiti Coral Reef Restoration

Haiti's coral reefs are fading quickly due to pollution. The unhealthy reef along with overfishing has contributed to declining fish populations, which many coastal Haitian families rely on for food and income. Through his partnership with PKF and his Haiti Reef Restoration project, Ben was able to spend the summer of 2017 in Cap Haitien, Haiti working with local fishermen and officials to build sustainable fishing practices and coral reef management systems. Read more about Ben's project here.


Charles Friend - Microfinancing

PKF has worked with a number of young men and women in Haiti who dream of starting businesses. As the children we work with grow older we're anticipating more wanting to start their companies and requiring extra cash to get started. Charles worked and continues to work with PKF in Cap Haitien, Haiti to design and implement a microfinance program that will empower these young men and women to start their businesses. 


Chelsea HaWley - MEdical

Haiti has been part of Chelsea's life for as long as she has been alive. While studying pharmacy at the University of Pittsburgh, she had the opportunity to work in Haiti alongside PKF's medical director, Dr. Wislyn. Chelsea took her experience working in Haiti back to Pittsburgh and started leading medical trips to Haiti for her classmates.

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Jake Almeda - Medical

One of PKF's largest projects to-date in Haiti is the CHIDA hospital. Jake followed the story of CHIDA during planning and construction and has created opportunities for Miami University students to partner with CHIDA and with PKF. In 2018 Jake started and led an annual trip to CHIDA within the pre-medical major at Miami University. 


Baylor University School of Engineering - Sustainable Energy

Through a strategic partnership with the Baylor University School of Engineering, we have been able to supply the IDADEE campus with supplemental, clean, solar energy while providing students with hands-on experience using the skills they have developed in the classroom.