The Pittsburgh Kids Network

The Pittsburgh Kids Network (PKN) has always been the backbone of The Pittsburgh Kids Foundation. PKN is a Network of support, understanding, encouragement, and training. Once a month, we gather youth leaders from all over the Pittsburgh area and encourage them to engage with their peers who are also on the frontlines of ministry.  Monthly PKN Meetings provide a much-needed opportunity to connect with other leaders, share prayer requests, worship the Lord and be free of the everyday demands and expectations of youth ministry. Youth leaders also have the opportunity to meet on a smaller scale in PKN Groups in their own geographical area of Pittsburgh. There they can share ideas, concerns, and support with one another, as well as collaborate on upcoming events.

We sat down with a few of the youth leaders in the Network and asked them how it's impacted their lives and their ministries. Check it out.

PKN meetings are open to all youth leaders and resume on September 7, 2018! For more information on upcoming Network events, join the PKN Facebook Group.