Meet The Staff: Alyssa

The staff experience at Laurelville can be summed up in one word. Busy. Alyssa served as the Staff Counselor on our Laurelville team. She led Bible studies and created intentional environments where our team could slow down and grow in their own relationships with God while serving at camp. Read about her Laurelville experience below.


My name is Alyssa Tyson, and I was on the PKF team for Laurelville. My role was to help create a healthy, God-centered, and unified staff culture. I thought this would be a way for me to pour into the staff, but I was so much more filled and poured into while being there. The joy and depth of every staff member were inspiring. We were able to laugh, pray, cry out, have fun, and rejoice with each other. So many people from different backgrounds and situations yet brought together as a family because we all have the same Father. The friendships and relationships that I’ve built are such blessings. Hearing from people even after camp is over has been so encouraging. Each person came into Laurelville with such specific gifts, and when paired with everyone else’s gifts, God was able to flow through his body of people and students came to know him. I saw the blessings of God on this camp, and I believe it is because his followers were obeying His call on their lives. I have been challenged by the staff, speakers, and students to live freely in the life God has given us and to trust that he will take our faithful obedience and will work miracles. I didn’t know where God was taking me next in my adult life journey, but after Laurelville, I’ve been reminded that I don’t need to know all the answers, I just need to follow the One who does have the answers. His promises go with me wherever I will go.