Haiti Medical Clinic is OPEN!

We can not believe the day has finally come. The Medical Clinic is open for business! It was scheduled to open on October 8.  But, due to the many hurricanes that we experienced this year, its official opening day was November 12 and there were 300 people there hoping and waiting for much-needed care. We knew there was a need, but we did not expect so many people on day one!
Officially named Community Hospital IDADEE (CHIDA), it is now a beacon of hope for the people there. It is well equipped with four doctors and eight nurses, operating rooms, medications and all the essential medical equipment. To say that this community hospital is life-changing is quite the understatement. It will save lives, ensure jobs, and provide hope for the Haitian community.
Dr. Wislyn Avenard grew up at EBAC Orphanage and earnestly pursued medical training so that he could take care of his community. He and the other medical personnel at the hospital are like-minded in their approach to health and caring for the people that they see every day.
With all of this in mind, we have a few prayer requests: Once you start to meet medical needs, you can’t just stop. These people need to know that their pain is coming to an end and that we aren’t going anywhere. So please, continue to pray for God’s provision. Also, pray that these beautiful Haitian people leave with more than a physical healing. We want them to know His healing power in their lives. We want them to know Jesus.