Baylor University School of Engineering - Sustainable Energy

In my role at Baylor University, I have the privilege of leading students on service-learning trips abroad. For the last several years, we have been working with IDADEE to design and install a 3 kW array of solar panels on the roof of the Children’s Home. This system helps power the entire campus including the school and the Joshua House. It’s not quite practical to meet all the electrical needs with solar, but we can offset the use of the generator and reduce our fuel costs. Now we are working on an even bigger system for the CHIDA hospital.

The students that come on these trips with me are studying different types of engineering, and among them is a relatively new discipline: Humanitarian Engineering.  In fact, attending a trip like this is required for that degree! The impact of these trips on the students is very significant. Sometimes it changes the direction of their intended careers.  What an honor it is for me to be present when they imagine, sometimes for the first time, how they could use their lives and skills to express Christ’s love to a hurting world.