The Pittsburgh Kids Foundation depends on the generous giving of people like you. Whether it's to send a kid to summer camp or feed an orphan in Haiti, your gift will make a tremendous difference in the life of a kid!

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The PKF is a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible. Your support is appreciated. 




We are honored and grateful to be a recipient of a grant from the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation.  Their generosity, as well as the commonality of our mission to make a difference in the lives of young people, has helped us to continue to provide scholarships for those who otherwise would not be able to experience the life-changing effects of our Surf City summer camp.  We are thankful for their investment in us so that we can continue to invest in the lives of the many young people who are our future.


The Pittsburgh Kids Foundation is for youth pastors, churches, and anyone who is interested in reaching kids for Jesus and helping to expand the Kingdom of God in Pittsburgh and beyond. Through a variety of ways, the PKF helps churches and others working with youth to be more effective and strategic in their efforts.

The PKF builds a community of youth pastors through monthly city-wide meetings, our Quads, and other intentional programs.

The PKF comes alongside youth pastors by collaborating with them to operate outreach retreats and camps for kids in middle and high school.

The PKF is committed to building a network of youth pastors who are well connected to each other and resources that can help them be more effective.

The PKF builds partnerships with other like-minded organizations to be a team player in Christ's mission.

Everyone is welcome and invited to be part of the team!


The Pittsburgh Kids Foundation, formally established in 1979, remains a catalyst for bringing together a diverse coalition of 200 youth workers, serving in churches and youth serving agencies, combining resources to better serve the children and youth of the greater Pittsburgh area. The PKF is recognized nationally as the largest and strongest youth collaboration in any one city in this country and beyond.

Empowering kids in Pittsburgh and Haiti to transform their communities. 

To encourage and unite the Church of Pittsburgh to reach kids with the love of Jesus and develop a new generation of Christ-centered leaders.

CHRIST - The healing power of the love of Jesus Christ.
KIDS - God's Gift to us and the future of our city.
LEADERSHIP - A new generation of leaders is our most valuable resource.
TEAMWORK - We can reach far more kids together as a team.
DIVERSITY - The body of Christ is made up of a diversity of gifted people.

STRATEGIC PLACES here kids are exposed to the love of Jesus Christ. Camps, Weekend Retreats, Sports Clinics, City Wide Events.
ENCOURAGEMENT AND SUPPORT for frontline leaders reaching kids. Mentoring, Training and Programming.
RESOURCES not readily available to individual churches and programs. Finances, Mentors, Professional and College Athletes.